Our History

We were first formally organised as a church in 1877 and the move to Creighton Avenue took place in 1902. The present church building was erected in 1931, and modernised and extended in 1990.

Across the years since 1877 the church has occupied four buildngs in East Finchley. Firstly an iron chapel built on Long Lane, then in 1889 to a buliding on Hertford Road (now Springers Nursery) before moving to Creighton Avenue in 1902 where the gothic grey flintstone church was built. This is the building that stands next to the current red brick church.

When the present church building was erected in 1931 the flintstone building next door was used for Sunday school classes, and youth work. It was sold for residential development in 1988, and the current church building was redeveloped and extended.

There have been 12 church pastors/ministers across the church's history.